Steve Marsden (Session Guitarist and songwriter)

Jan 22, 08:00 AM

EPISODE 13 (my lucky number) IS HERE and it’s with songwriter and session guitar player Steve Marsden.

I met Steve when I joined the team at BIMM in Manchester as one of the many hats that Steve wears is that of guitar and songwriter tutor. Something that I hope to get him back on to talk about in more detail in the future.

Steve’s been working as a session guitar-player in all areas of live work, such as touring, fly-dates, TV performances and one-off shows, for over a decade...

After an early breakthrough in to the music industry with the band No Hope In New Jersey, who released their debut album on Atlantic Records, Steve's versatility as a guitar-player and musician has enabled him to work with artists, musicians and producers across various musical genres...

Steve's also a songwriter, vocal-topline writer and music producer, working with DJ's, singer-songwriters and commercial production studios...

Steve was also the very view interviewee that I had for the pod. Steve was the pioneer who paved the way for me to chat with all the other wonderful people that have been kind enough to get involved in this first series and I will be forever thankful for that.

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