Jan 9th, Level 1: Two thousand million dollars, sports team brands, yachts worth whole teams, and more...

Jan 09, 2019, 03:31 PM

Gabe Morency, Corey Parson, and Michelle Serpico open the show arguing over the value of the Dallas Cowboys, with Michelle coming up with a new price value. Talking about the Cowboys brand, Gabe argues that the Maple Leafs are like the Cowboys, in that they have a big branding market like the Cowboys. Talking about obnoxious fans, Gabe says many times his hatred for teams has nothing to do with the athletes, but how their fans and front office act, like Jerry Jones spending more money on a yacht than he did buy the Cowboys. Gabe finds it interesting that at one point, Donald Trump not only almost bought the Buffalo Bills, he turned down buying the Dallas Cowboys in 1989 for $50 Million, and are now worth almost $5 billion; Turmp, of course, bought the New Jersey Generals. Gabe and Michelle find problems with Corey's mentality when it comes to sports history. Gabe brings up how Penny Hardaway said Zion Williamson reminds him a lot of Charles Barkley, but Gabe reminds everyone that the AAU players, like Zion, are much more privileged in their development. 

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