r/buyitforlife, Abraham Lincoln deep fakes, and u/dogboobes joins the Keto revolution

Jan 09, 2019, 11:48 PM

Welcome to 2019 guys. New Year - basically the same us. So obviously it makes sense then that we start the first episode of 2019 by talking about Abraham Lincoln deep fake pornography, followed quickly by another u/dogboobes diet attempt. Evidently, u/itsyerdad got some incredibly durable new boots, so we decided to check out r/buyitforlife, a sub dedicated to similarly durable purchases, like Kitchen Aid mixers. In this extremely popular sub, users discuss the best of consumer goods, all with the intention of buying it once, knowing that it will last forever. The older we get, the more inclined we all are to spend a little more up front, knowing that old coffee cantine will last us through at least one of the inevitable nuclear winters we have coming our way in the immediate future. All of us except for u/dogboobes that is, who is still actively milking the GAP credit card she got in college. This episode brought to you by Kitchen Aid and Capo Isetta Wines.