It's Frank v Jones. Stoke City Pre-Match Podcast From the Pub

Jan 10, 06:50 AM

Brentford are now unbeaten in five matches. Stoke City - who only yesterday relieved themselves of the duties of Bees favourite manager Gary Rowett - were looking at this match as one to turn their fortunes around with Ryan Woods making his first return to Griffin Park since he left in the summer.

The Beesotted crew met in The Plough in Northfields to shoot the breeze. Discuss the forthcoming FA Cup match against Barnet. Pontificate over the potential transfer comings and goings this window. And get the lowdown on Stoke City

In the pub

Billy Grant

Dave Lane

Cham De Silva

Ali Mulalley

0 - into

6m 05 sec - Beesotted crew chat Oxford City FA Cup match and the FA Cup draw vs Barnet

28 m 43 sec - Transfer rumours. Word on the street Brentford are in for some players. What positions should we be looking to get player in? What players are we looking at going out on loan?

1 hr 04 min 19 sec - Stoke City Five From the Hive featuring Dave from Wizards of Drivel Podcast

1 hr 19 min 12 sec - Beesotted crew chat Stoke

1 hr 30 min 24 sec - END

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