Living & Working in an Online World

Is it even possible to separate work & life? We are raising a generation of children who are connected all the time. What does this mean? Does living our lives intentionally mean that work-life balance is no longer an issue?

Mar 16, 2012, 05:27 AM
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nickholloway - over 5 years ago

Hi Jane, I also found you via the marvellous @omaniblog who's mentioned you in his last few audioboos. Really enjoyed your boo, this touches on a question and theme I am often exploring myself in my life. I am going to listen out for your boos and look forward to the developing conversation.


JacquelineB - over 5 years ago

Hi Jane, welcome to audioboo and I'm so glad to hear you! Omaniblog mentioned you in a boo which is how I found you.

I am doing a program at the moment called Living from the Inside Out within which we talk alot about online and offline in terms of our thinking. Interested to hear more about your take on it.

with Love. Jacquelineb x


omaniblog - over 5 years ago

Fabulous - both the content & the voice. It's taken me until now to follow you on Audioboo - so that I can tune into your audios while mobile on iPhone.
As I listened, I reached for my copy ofmDavid Whyte "Crossing the Unknown Sea" (isbn o718145100).
I remember thinking this was the best bit of concentrated writing on the nature of work.
Next I'll go re-read it & see what happens.

Thanks again for a superBoo