The issues lurking within...

Jan 14, 2019, 06:44 PM

The threat landscape is ever-changing and organisations today face an uphill battle to stay ahead of the latest malware, ransomware, trends and patterns driven by the cybercriminals.

Whilst it is widely acknowledged that there are two types of hackers; those who work for organisations in order to prevent cyber attacks (White Hats) and those who carry out the attacks (Black Hats), in a Malwarebytes commissioned survey The Cost of Cyber Security it was reported that one in every 22 cybersecurity professionals have undertaken some activity that could be considered as leaning towards Black Hat activity. Malwarebytes have named these as Grey Hat.

In this first episode of The Evolving Threat podcast, host Charles Commins speaks to security expert, Helge Husemann of Malwarebytes about the emergence of so called Grey Hat hackers and what organisations can do to protect themselves.