Jan 10th, Level 3: Nick Foles thrives under pressure, Coach Nick, and more...

Jan 10, 05:33 PM

The final hour of the show begins with the gang talking about how Nick Foles success comes from him being able to look down the pass rush better than any other quarterback in the NFL. Gabe may not think Foles is the savior of the Eagles, but the fact that he has the best passer rating when under pressure, that should be enough to stop calling him an underdog, but Corey still calls Foles nothing more than a joke and a journeyman. Coach nick joins the show to talk about the development of Zion Williamson, the state of the Timberwolves now that Tom Thibodeau is gone, and Steph Curry doing his best James Harden step-back impression. Michelle brings up how Nick Young is being investigated for robbery and battery, but Gabe thinks there is more to this story, thinking Young is a "pretty chill dude." 

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