Trumps says the Border fight is because the Democrats fear 2020 @SebGorka:.

Jan 11, 05:20 AM


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Nogales, Santa Cruz County, Arizona, US, circa 1899. Showing boundary line between Arizona, (right); and Sonora, México, (left).

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"Nogales, Santa Cruz Co. Showing boundary line between Arizona and Mexico." General view of center of town from hillside, looking west along International Street, ca. 1898~99. source Note - file originally uploaded by w:User:Darwinek on 2005-06-21

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Sebastian Gorka, America First radio; Fox strategic director; in re: The Democratic response to the speech: Pelosi, worth $200 million, vs Trump, worth $X billions. Trump says the border fight is about 2020; they promote no border. President Trump in Nogales, Arizona: The president is good at using visuals associated with the words; in Texas at the DHS facility sat with brother of Corporal Singh and the Secretary next to him, plus a seized 50 caliber semi-automatic weapon plus piles of cash and drugs. When he went outside and listened to the CPB agents in the ATVs, the officer said: Along his little border sector alone, has intercepted people from 141 countries; people from all over the globe. The govt has erected a limited barrier; 90% of the illegals are picked up where there’s no barrier.