Kristin's Divorce Game + Cassie's Fave Bars For Moe

Jan 11, 01:21 PM

With Amazon founder Jeff Bezos' sizable fortune up for splicing with his divorce, that will make his soon-to-be-ex-wife the fifth richest woman in the world. 

So Kristin's pulled some other divorce settlements...can we guess what they walked away with?

And then...yesterday, Cassie came up with some clubs for Moe to check out...and then she found he doesn't love clubs. SO BARS IT IS! Here are her faves around town:


The Drunken Unicorn under Friends On Ponce - live music in a gritty club.

HOLE IN THE WALL on Peachtree. OMG. It's amazing. Beer pong tables. Moon Dogs above it for the college crowd.

​Jacks Pizza & Wings in Inman Park. Dive bar. Amazing.​ Sticky floor but it's not gross. The soul food pizza...I DIE.​

Blind Willie's - Live blues music in the Highlands.  Atkins Park, Dark Horse are other notables, BUT MOE'S & JOE'S IS WHERE IT'S AT. Been in business over 50 years. Best wings. Cheap as hell pitchers.


​The Porter Beer Bar in Little 5 Points. GET THE POPCORN with a Hitachino Nest White Ale (Japanese beer). Thank me later.

I'd be remiss if I didn't tell you about Brick Store in Decatur. SO MANY beers. The Belgian bar upstairs is where it's at. Great for FUN beer loving dates or drunken revelry with small groups. Also, the fish & chips and Brunswick stew are AMAZEBALLS.

Hop over to Bookhouse on Ponce for drinks before​ going to Drunken Unicorn​ (walls are lined with books!)


Eleanor's in Vinings. ​It's inside Muss & Turners - walk straight back through a freezer door next to the break and it's this dimly lit awesome speak easy. Great for a date.  Lots of good standing room.

Biltong Bar at Ponce City Market. Japanese whiskeys, fancy cocktails, and omg beef jerky. (That's doing it a disservice, it's this really beautiful South African meat style called biltong but SERIOUSLY IT'S LIKE JERKY). Hit it up before going up top to the roof to play carnival games at Skyline Park.


The Painted Pin on Miami Circle & The Painted Duck in West side. BOWL WHILE YOU DRINK BUT IT'S FANCY.

Top Golf - there's one in Alpharetta, but my fave is the "midtown" location (ahem, really Upper West Side). GOLF AND DRINKS AND FOOD AND HITTING THINGS. SUPER great for groups. Also Tommy DJs there sometimes!

Sister Louisa's Church of the Living Room & Ping Pong Emporium. Wear a robe. Do a Pickleback shot. (Whiskey with a pickle juice chaser. Trust.)  Play ping pong. You might see Lady Gaga. Or Jesus. One of them has definitely been there.

Joystick Gamebar - Sweet Auburn area. Self-described as a nerdy dive bar. Board games, arcade games, ping pong, close to Sister Louisa's.

Battle & Brew in Sandy Springs. Another game bar!