Jan 11th, Level 3: Football silence, Teddy Covers, and more...

Jan 11, 05:12 PM

The final hour of the show starts with Gabe saying he usually saves all of his talk and complaining for after, remaining silent during football games, though will get angry at some calls during Bills games. Teddy Covers joins the show to give his best bets and player props for the Divisional Round games this weekend. Teddy says the Patriots look quite mediocre, but worries that Phillip Rivers may overthrow a lot of passes. Michelle brings up how the man who interviewed R. Kelly for the documentary was fired because he tried to tell R. Kelly not to say he does not shave sex with minors. Gabe and Michelle finish the show giving their picks for the weekend, and also talk about the Shrieking Northwestern fan being asked by the school to stop her screaming. 

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