#015 How to Be a Profitable Healthcare Entrepreneur w/ Cynthia Andersen

Jan 16, 08:00 AM

How do most healthcare providers attempt to make more money in their practice? They take on more and more clients and then feel confused when they end up total burnt out, have poor customer service reviews and unhappy staff.

Whether you are a licensed medical professional or a health coach who is trying to create a successful health practice, increasing your client or patient load is never the answer. Our latest guest, Cynthia Andersen, walks us through the biggest mistakes that healthcare professionals make when starting a business and how to fix these issues to create a thriving business that doesn’t wear you out, burn you out or negatively affect the patient experience.

Cynthia’s mission is to train medical practices how to drive profitability and eliminate physical burnout so they can focus on the priority of treating patients.

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