INTRO - Property Investors Podcast.

Season 1, Episode 1,  Jan 14, 2019, 10:18 AM

We did it!.. Tom & Adam are live and excited to start sharing their property investment journey. In this intro episode, we introduce ourselves and the show.

Tom Webster has been in the property and finance industry since leaving school. Being involved with 1,000s of transactions he has seen his fair share of the best and worst in the game.

Adam Goddard is a financial master with qualifications coming out of his ear holes. A qualified Independent Financial Adviser and property investor Adam has a holistic way at looking at property investment.

Together Tom & Adam are starting their property portfolio partnership and have been working on some exciting development projects. The Property Investors Podcast is a way for them to share their experiences and learn from their interviewed guests.

The Property Investors Podcast is suitable for both experienced investors and new comers alike. The focus is on educating and inspiring listeners through Tom & Adams own journey and that of business leaders and property moguls. 

Guests on the Property Investors Podcast will be from in and around the real estate industry. We believe that there are lessons to be learned from business leaders in all industries and together we can translate those to help push our own businesses forward.

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