No Money Down, Property Investing.

Season 1, Episode 3,  Jan 14, 2019, 11:33 AM

Today the boys talk about how to invest in property without using any of your own money. Four strategies are discussed in detail and they talk about how to put them into practice.

No money down deals… sounds too good to be true?

Tom & Adam talk about 4 main strategies on how to invest in property with little or no money. 

  • Joint Ventures: what are they, how do they work and how to get them.
  • Bridging Finance: clever ways to use this specialist finance to buy property without a deposit
  • Rent to rent: build a passive income portfolio without physically owning real estate.
  • Deal packaging: a great first step into the game.

After going over the various strategies the guys go into detail on how they use some of these route to market for their own investments. 

As a special add on Tom explains what an option agreement is and how they work and touches on mindset management to help you get started.

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