The 10 Golden Rules of Property Investment.

Season 1, Episode 5,  Jan 14, 2019, 12:02 PM

Tom & Adam list their top 10 Golden Rules of Property Investing and go into detail on each one. Plus, they give their bonus rule that without it nothing will work!

With over 20 years combined property industry experience Tom & Adam break down what they consider to be the 10 golden rules of property investing and more importantly discuss how you can put them into action.

  • Property is a people business 
  • Goal setting and motivation
  • Buy below market value from motivated sellers
  • Have a reserve fund
  • Buy in an area with a strong rental market
  • Education & investing in yourself
  • Do your research and due diligence 
  • Long term investment vision
  • Buy for positive cash flow
  • Operate like a business 
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