Divisional playoff recap, Frank possible retirement, early Championship game previews, and more...

Jan 14, 06:36 PM

Gregg Sussman and Frank Stampfl spend the hour recapping the excitement from the Divisional round games, with Frank saying thanks to not getting any picks right, may retire from betting on football games, and stick to fantasy. The guys also acknowledge that in DFS play, the Chargers defense were not a good play, obviously, but that the Saints and Eagles defenses did enough to help you win. Gregg and Frank go back to then they questioned if the Chiefs defense would be able to make a big play, and how they recognize they made multiple big plays to help them take down the Colts. The guys go on talk about how they loved seeing the passion and emotion from Tom Brady and Philip Rivers, but the guys also that there is a difference between Brady yelling at guys on the sidelines when they do something wrong, and when Rivers yells at his guys in the huddle in frustration.

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