Corey gets knocked down by bitter Giants fans, Romo in the booth, and more...

Jan 14, 2019, 07:10 PM

Corey Parson, Jim Day, and Chris Ventra open the show with Chris and Jim pouring salt in to the wounds of Corey and his Cowboys, but also say Tony Romo keeps getting better each time he is in the commentary booth. Corey says he loves what the Colts were able to pull off this season, but the guys agree they have a lot of holes in their team that need to be filled if they want to get back to the conference championship. Corey notes that Jim has been getting "a little too chummy" with the Fantasy BFFs, and says there may be an audition for a new member of the Frenzy, and Video Producer, Alex Fasano, throws his Yankee hat in the ring. Looking at the future of Antonio Brown, Chris seems to think that Brown wants to play with Jimmy G and the 49ers, and the guys agree that Brown would make an immediate impact in San Francisco. 

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