'Browny and Intern Adam Do UNIFY Gathering 2019'

Jan 15, 11:01 PM

UNIFY Gathering. An experience and a half for heavy music fans who travel from all over Australia (and the world) to attend the sleepy country town of Tarwin Lower in Regional Victoria to see bands of various genres playing their hearts out and then joining in on the festivities with punters across the venue. This year was no exception.

This time around for us, we brought along our Wall of Sound UNIFY Intern winner Adam Rice who took out the competition and won the chance to interview some of the bands from the lineup and enjoy a weekend covering the event for us. How'd he go? Well, you'll have to listen to the collection of interviews and tracks we have at your disposal, but be warned, there is well over 4 Hours of Fun this year (as we wanted to cover as many bands as we could for you and this podcast special).

So strap yourselves in and get ready to get up close and personal with the likes of Every Time I Die, Underoath, Karnivool, Hand of Mercy, Hellions, Dream State, Ocean Grove, The Plot In You, In Hearts Wake, Pagan, Thornhill, Drown This City, Gravemind, Falcifer, Saviour and Ocean Sleeper as Browny and Intern Adam Do UNIFY Gathering 2019.

Interview Times
Hellions – 8:29
Dream State – 21:41
Ocean Sleeper – 35:31
Drown This City – 47:42
Ocean Grove – 57:36
Karnivool – 1:20:41
In Hearts Wake – 1:36:11
The Plot In You – 1:50:00
Saviour – 2:02:27
Hand of Mercy – 2:15:05
Falcifer – 2:25:34
Gravemind – 2:39:58
Pagan – 2:57:25
Thornhill - 3:15:09
Underoath - 3:27:44
Every Time I Die - 3:45:09

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