#FunkNFantasy The Bald Ballers

Jan 16, 01:54 AM

On tonight's show, Luigi was joined by Charlie co-piloting the dumpster at Moonshine. Lots of recap was needed from last week's playoff action as well as a look ahead going into this weekend.

Luigi was fresh off yet another sound victory from last weeks match up with The Listeners in the battle of fictional coaches in The Luigi vs The Listenrs Fantasy Showdown and took take aim to make it SEVEN! in a row this week.

This week's match up was...... Bald Athletes! Time to celebrate the Bald and The Beautiful.

Luigi went on multiple little rants and called out his mom for not waking him up when he was 12. He was validated by a real live mom here at Moonshine. Luigi also gave his Super Bowl particpants.

As always he will break down the week that was in the NFL, going over his MVP's and SOB's of the week and his weekly avoid and deploy list. Along with the daily fantasy plays and the Stone Cold PVC Pipe Locks!

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