Ep.9 - BAFTA, BRITs & Word Stumbling

Jan 17, 11:00 AM
Awards SZN continues as we receive the nominations for the biggest awards in British Film & Music industries.

We start with the Film/TV segment, (2:27) where I talk about the BAFTA Film Awards nominations. Safe picks galore.

Then onto the Music segment, (19:39) where I look at the BRIT Awards. Never appointment viewing for me and the nominations affirm my non-viewership.

For the Sports segment, (32:34) I talk about Andy Murray who's pretty much calling 2019 his farewell tour, which brings me to think about his legacy.

And for the Life segment, (47:53) I wanted to talk about an article about the evolution of gangs and why young kids are getting into gang activity more these days.

And I also have some extra thoughts as a little bonus!

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Credit to Razor Boomarang for the show's beat. (https://www.razorboomarang.com)