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Jan 17, 06:20 AM

Tony came right out of the gate in our first show since before the holidays and blasted the further wussification of America with the latest Gillette ads crying about "toxic masculinity" while air heads watch shameful shows like the Bachelor and Bachelorette on Disney owned ABC where a single loser guy gets to bang 15 shallow women or where 1 woman gets to sample a bunch of bone head bros. He also exposed the irony of athletes like Reggie Bush for claiming the Clemson national championship team which went to the WH got a "slap in the face" for being served fast food, while he scammed a free house for his parents in San Diego, got to drive a luxury car and cost his USC team tons of scholarships, a national championship and his own Heisman trophy for being a selfish, greedy, pampered, celeb sniffing hypocrite athlete who finished his career in Buffalo with minus yards rushing. 

Former Kansas City Chiefs kicking great Nick Lowery joined the show for a great conversation about kickers, his career, the stash and the high hopes for this KC team at home against the incredible Tim Brady and the New England Patriots in the AFC championship game late Sunday afternoon at Arrowhead Stadium. Lowery has been very active in the community and won NFL Man of the year 5 times, worked with at risk and disabled youth, the homeless, sports bullying and is now is an advocate for Pharma company Kannalife which has developed a new therapeutic and patented chemical entity to treat a multitude of neurodegenerative diseases like HE, CTE and Drug dependency. He also picked the Chiefs to beat the Patriots by 10 points on Sunday, and yes, he is a homer.

As we wrapped up with Nick, another former NFL star joined us live at Moonshine Philly. West Chester University star and 8 year San Francisco 49'er Linebacker Lee Woodall. He won a SB in his rookie year against the San Diego Chargers in Miami in the Steve Young 6 td game after taking over from the reigns after Joe Montana to KC. We talked lots of football, how small college guys like him, Widener college standout Billy White Shoes Johnson and many others paved the way for NFL teams to look closer at small college standouts. Lee and his wife Terry also do lots of work in the community and are very active in Autism awareness in the Philly area. Our friend Buffy Harakidas joined the conversation on the phone to talk about the 25th anniversary of the best party in Philly - the Hair O' the Dog coming up whit Saturday night at the amazing Crystal Tea Room in Philly.( She started this event to raise money for charity while putting on a fun, big name entertainment, celebrities and regular folks mingling filled bash which has raised millions over the years. This Saturday's party will benefit the Morris Animal Refuge, one of the only remaining privately funded open admissions shelters that has never turned an animal away and has a 97% save rate. We also invited Lee Woodell and his wife to join as as Luigi guaranteed he would get us all dolled up by our friend Michael Domenico at Domenico's Formal Wear ( They've been dressing our guys and listeners for years and offer a $100 dollar tux rental for Hair O the Dog customers.

We wrapped up with our old pal Ken Cage from Airplane Repo who previewed an open to the public party coming up Monday to launch his new on-line series for all of the repo fans who have been asking for more. @RenegadeRepo will be rolling out soon and we'll be on hand at @2SPBrewing in Aston, Delaware County. Yes, I will be in the front row with Miss Robin. Luigi will be a few rows back.😀

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