More Calls On Cassie's Boudoir Photo Dilemma

Jan 17, 05:52 PM

Cassie just got married, and her friend, who's a boudoir photographer (Sarah at OWN Boudoir) gifted her a Boudoir shoot. Cassie did the shoot and as a gift for her husband on her wedding day, gave him a book of boudoir photos.

Here's the thing: there are some extra, unused shots (ones NOT in the gift album), and Cassie wants to post a couple of them (no nudity) to her Instagram accounts. Why? Because - in a nutshell - as a plus size person, she thinks it's REALLY important to showcase 'non-traditional' bodies (i.e., not Sports Illustrated swimsuit model bodies) online and in mainstream media. Seeing plus size women (or women with cellulite or scars or prosthetics - all of it) helped her a ton with her body positivity and her journey to accepting herself by seeing all KINDS of real women - not just the ones we stereotypically accept as "perfect."

Since this is so important to her, she actually feels like she's in a place where she can be part of this movement. Not many people are willing to put their bodies out there like that, especially if they're self-conscious, but Cass feels like she's in a place where she's confident - and proud - of how she looks, and wants to share so that other plus-size women know they are beautiful, worthy, and can be sexy if they want. Telling people this is one thing, but it's hard for people to believe that until they SEE it in action.

But here's the thing: Cassie's husband doesn't love all the photos she plans to share, and vetoed a ton of them (after she gave him veto power). She's left with two that are super covered (like the one in the photo)...and she didn't see that coming.

So now she's torn between honoring her husband's feelings, which she cares deeply about (obviously), and honoring sharing a message she feels that is part of her life's purpose to share.

Can there ever be compromise?