The Couch To 250k Guys

Jan 17, 2019, 09:22 PM

So we were honoured to get asked on to the couch to 250k podcast last week. This show is ran by Blane and Aidan, who both embarked on an incredible journey around 8 months ago. 

Blane who has no previous background in any type of endurance event....or really anything fitness related, decided he wanted to take on a gruelling 250k race and asked his friend and coach to help to complete this mammoth task. They have given themselves only 10 months of training and have documented the journey through their fantastic podcast called couch to 250k.

The guys brought us on their show to get some of our opinions on what they were doing and really what is going on in the growing fitness scene in Ireland.

We had such a laugh doing it and would love to have the two lads come on our show after Blane completes this gruelling event to get an insight into what you have to go through to complete a challenge like that, both physically and mentally.