Texting Tutor: For The First Time Ever, We Might Not Be Able To Do This

Jan 18, 01:08 PM

You like him. You had a connection. But you just don't KNOW how to take it to the next level...especially if you're not the kind of forward person who wants to ask the them out, or if you're scared of rejection.

So sometimes, you just need a little help scoring that date - and that's where we come in! We'll tell you what to text the person you're into, line by line, and we'll help you get that date...but you have to PROMISE to write EXACTLY what we tell you to.

Except today, we might not be able to help. This wife of this Bert Show listener Sarah's husband's boss (let's call her Susie) wants to be friends, but she's pretty sure that Susie's husband (aka Sarah's husband's boss) is CHEATING on her, and everyone knows it...except for Susie.

So, Sarah is considering spilling everything to Susie...but won't that ruin not just Susie's marriage, but Sarah's marriage AND her Sarah's husband's job?! Or does she owe her the truth?