#402: Snogging (HBP 14, Felix Felicis)

Jan 21, 02:46 PM
  • Wizard dogs! Anna joins the show to talk about her Internet famous pup and how she taught Remus all of those spells!

  • What can we expect in the Crimes of Grindelwald Extended Edition arriving in March?

  • Our thoughts on why Fantastic Beasts 3 production has been delayed until Fall 2019

  • Will this impact the release date in 2020?

  • Chapter-by-Chapter continues with Felix Felicis

  • 7-Word Summary: Ron hates being left out of snogging


  • Harry, for the first time, acknowledges the possibility of a Ron-Hermione relationship

  • What if… Ron and Hermione did get together and then broke up? What if… they became like Bill and Fleur?

  • We explore Harry's feelings to seeing Ginny with Dean. Sorry Harry, it's more than you just being like a big brother!

  • Ginny OWNS Ron in an epic sibling duel!

  • The Slug Club & snogging: Is Ron just upset that he's always the one who gets left out?

  • Eric makes an important observation about the "girl" with the toadspawn in the seventh floor corridor

  • Harry fakes putting Felix Felicis into Ron's pumpkin juice and calls out Hermione on her Confundus Charm!

  • How hypocritical in his reaction to Hermione when he learns that there was no Felix Felicis?

  • Would Ron have snogged Lavender if he wasn't treated so poorly throughout the chapter?

  • Connecting the Threads, MVP of the Week and Rename The Chapter

  • Quizzitch: In Chapter 15 of Half-Blood Prince, what is the title of the book that Harry is assigned to read for Charms class?