Katelyn Brown

Jan 22, 04:43 AM

When you see Katelyn Brown, you can’t help but stare. She’s drop dead gorgeous. Then you get to know her, and realize she has the sweetest, most playful spirit. It was so fascinating to learn about her musical past. When she was 18, she linked up with Justin Timberlake’s manager and moved to his musical compound in Orlando FL that he created for all of his artists and boy bands to live and develop their talents. At the compound there were recording studios, rehearsal rooms and basically anything you need as an artist at your beck and call. Katelyn lived here for years. During this time she started working with a producer out of Atlanta that was also working with a new young artist, Kane Brown. Katelyn met Kane serendipitously when she was shooting a music video and did not feel chemistry with the actor cast for her love interest. Her manger quickly thought of Kane to take the role, and from that moment on, sparks were flying between the two. In this episode we talk all about their enchanting wedding, how she’s overcoming her fear of flying, instagram dance battles with Kane, and life at home and on the road. Tune in now to hear Katelyn’s incredible journey and exciting love story.