r/weirdeggs, modernfarmer.com introduces us to Mugwart, and u/dogboobes's absence leads the rest of DYR off the rails

Jan 23, 2019, 08:02 AM

Well, u/dogboobes is nowhere to be found. Some say she's in New York making content for Nabisco crackers. Some say she's in sipping on opiates after a spider bite. Either way, she isn't with us to talk about the great egg of Instagram, fast food, modernfarmer.com, and a whole variety of other topics that occur after a few Capo Isetta red blends. With all the insanity surrounding Instagram's new president, @WorldRecordEgg, we thought it was fitting that we revisit an Ep 1 random button, r/weirdeggs, which has since blossomed from an underground gem to a full-fledged mainstream sub. However, because el dog wasn't around to whip us into any since of structure, we took about an hour to actually get to it. Over the course of our Internet meanderings, we also decided to ruthlessly poke holes in the journalism of someone named Chloe Bryan for some reason and learn about the nuances of modern agriculture tending. Don't ever leave us again u/dogboobes.