Dubland 116 - Trying To Clean My Ears With A Lit Candle

Season 1, Episode 117,  Jan 23, 2019, 12:55 PM

It's the first episode of Dubland of 2019! PJ is looking forward to sport, sick of watching the skiing. Suzanne and PJ talk about their dreams of cruise ships and kissing strange men with handlebar moustaches. They talk about the Sunderland Till I Die documentary on Netflix. They move onto the Fyre Festival documentary, and they enjoy the misery that befalls all the organisers. Suzanne and PJ move swiftly onto the big news - the man injecting semen into his arm to cure his back pain. PJ explains that men shouldn't be left on their own - stuff happens (it's hilarious). And then they talk about young lads noticing their willies for the first time, and from the perspective of his four year old self, PJ describes his dad's willy in shocking detail. Suzanne explains her extremely loose grasp of science. Dubland is well and truly back, enjoy!

Alternate title: Wriggly little tadpoles running around your elbow.

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