[ROUNDTABLE] The Patriots Beat the Chiefs At Arrowhead | How Do the Rams And Patriots Matchup For Super Bowl 53? | Tom Brady Shuts Down the Media Trolls

Jan 23, 07:00 PM

And here we are with another set of CLNS Media Patriots Roundtables with Nick Quaglia, Marv Ezhan and Mike Molyneaux

In a game that a lot of people were counting them out in, the Patriots and Tom Brady took down the juggernaut that was the Kansas City Chiefs at Arrowhead Stadium in the AFC Championship game. 

The New England Patriots are returning to the Super Bowl for the third straight year and yet again, it's a different opponent. 

This time it's the Los Angeles Rams, whose last appearance was in 2001 against, go figure, the New England Patriots in Tom Brady's first ever Super Bowl. 

All season long critics were on the Patriots. It's Tom Brady's downfall they said. Gronk is done. Edelman isn't the same. And what do we have? Another AFC Championship title at the end of the year. 

What will the critics say now?