Tony Bruno - Fixing all the problems in sports, in less than two hours - Part 1

Jan 24, 05:23 AM

Our final show before heading to SB XL111 in Atlanta for Tony's 30th stint on Radio Row all of next week. He jumped right into his recent Twitter anger of the state of media in America. Sadly, once proud journalists have exposed themselves daily as shameless hacks who fail to adhere to the basic tenants of reporting. In fact, Tony believes even the much maligned NFL refs have more integrity and honor than the modern day media, an all time low indeed.

Since this a show for the people and whose mission it is to help make everything better, Tony promised and delivered a 2-minute way to fix the NFL overtime debacle and the even more controversial blatant penalty misses which can not be reviewed and cast doubts on the competency and integrity of the league.

Tony went to a huge weed update as PHILLY stoners and anyone with any malady whatsoever could finally go to a medicinal marijuana dispensary opening Thursday. We brought noted pot authority Christian (redacted) to add some righteous knowledge on wacky tabacky. It was totally awesome.

We talked to a business writer who told us Super Bowl parties could be a financial and legal headache if you don't have the proper homeowners or renters insurance and laws in many states changed regarding your responsibility if a party guest s drunk and gets into an accident after leaving. Educational listen.

Tony both praised and shredded sanctimonious baseball writers for playing God again, but finally did end the absurd tradition of never unanimously voting a player into the Hall of Fame . For the first time in 83 years NY Yankee Legend Mariano Rivera appeared 1st on all ballots.

Barry Bonds and Roger Clemons kept out and Curt Schillng snubbed again . Guess why?

Miss Robin had a Red Heads are Super Heroes update as the crew debated this fire crotch discussion.

Lots of fun as we on to Atlanta!

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