Jan. 24th, Level 2: Mets, betting on Murray St., Get Off Gabe's Lawn, Conor's demise, and more...

Jan 24, 04:16 PM

The second level of the show stars with the Morning After crew taking some calls from people who tell Corey that the Mets and Nets have as a good a chance of being as relevant, if not more, than the Yankees and Knicks, respectively. Gabe says that Roy Halladay is an obvious choice for the Hall of Fame, but can't understand why Blue Jay fans are making such a big deal that Halladay's widow, Brandy, said he will not represent either the Jays, or Phillies, and they need to get off his lawn. Michelle brings up how Conor McGregor may be facing his demise, as reports came out that an "Irish sportsman" had been arrested and detained on charges of rape, and possible crack cocaine use. Gabe finishes the hour explaining why betting on point spreads are much like fake news, and how you can't trust them.

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