Jan 25th, Level 2: Lakers management, Iman Shumpert hitting 3's, Get Off Gabe's Lawn, and more...

Jan 25, 2019, 04:45 PM

The second level of the show starts with Gabe and Corey arguing that Magic Johnson, outside of landing LeBron James, does not have much pull when it comes to getting talent on the Lakers. Michelle brings up how Iman Shumpert may be in some hot water after learning he may have gotten a woman pregnant during a threesome with his wife, Teyana Taylor. Gabe can't stand that the Pro Bowl is no longer played in Hawaii and also played the week before the Super Bowl. He tells Roger Goodell and the NFL to get off his lawn for moving the Pro Bowl to Orlando. Cam Stewart joins the show to talk about all the huge bets placed on the Patriots, making the Rams look like a great bet, and the funniest adult film parodies he has seen.

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