Matt Riley (VP A&R at AWAL)

Jan 29, 08:00 AM

Welcome to episode 14 of the Behind the Business podcast. My new music business focused podcast where I chat with an assorted mix of people from all over the UK music business.

This week’s chat is with VP of A&R for AWAL Matt Riley. Matt’s story is one of self determination, quiet confidence and drive and this has helped him get to the top of the game at one of the most exciting and forward thinking music companies in operation at the moment.

Massive thanks to Matt for having me round for a chat at the new(ish) Kobalt offices and showing me the ridiculous roof terrace garden they have there. Even though was a full day early for the conversation (tip for those of you looking at making your way into any business, make sure to manage your diary closely).

Matt talked me through his journey to where he is now and also went through some of the finer points of modern A&R in a business like AWAL. It was a great chat. 

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