Flash Taylor (Publishing A&R at Bucks Music Group)

Feb 12, 08:00 AM

Hello again to you all and a very happy mid February if you are listening the week of release and a less happy (insert future date here) if you are listening in the future. How are the robots treating us in the post apocalyptic wasteland we call home?

This week’s podcast is with publishing A&R man Flash Taylor. Currently working with UK indie publisher Bucks music but I first met Flash whilst working at SonyATV. We met last summer in his East London flat and had a lovely chat and a catch up about all things music and music publishing specifically.

He also happens to be a founder of the most awesome of awesome UK club nights Ultimate Power. The best night out you will ever have. I’ve been loads of times, it’s fantastic, if you like power ballads (or even if you don’t) I urge you to check it out.

Flash is one of my favourite people I have met in the industry. Always up for talking about music, finding out about new music especially and, if you’re like me, will never shy away from a chat about comic books either.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the life or an A&R man and more specifically one who works in music publishing and with songwriters then this is the podcast for you. So sit back and enjoy the conversation.

https://twitter.com/flashieboy https://twitter.com/ultimatepower https://www.ultimatepowerclub.com/

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