Alison Atack on championing the Law Society of Scotland’s work on equality and diversity

Jan 29, 03:15 PM

In our fourth podcast our Keeper, Jennifer Henderson, and the President of The Law Society of Scotland, the professional body for 11,000 solicitors in Scotland, Alison Atack, discuss the hot topic of equality and diversity.

Registers of Scotland is committed to create an equal workforce, eliminating discrimination and encouraging diversity. And in 2018 we also introduced a new policy for our customers relating to changes of name on title sheet for the trans community. For more information on this visit our website.

Throughout her presidency at the Law Society of Scotland Alison has championed the Society’s equality and diversity work and in particular the 2018 Profile of the Profession research, which generated over 2,700 full responses from solicitors, trainee solicitors and accredited paralegals, making it the biggest survey to date carried out by the Society on equality and diversity. Alison takes us through the results from the survey and its impact.

This year the Society is also celebrating its 70th Anniversary, an important stepping stone in its history – check out the website for details of how to get involved with the Society’s celebrations.

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