Anthony Davis Wants Out, Super Bowl Preview and Kings Tough Stretch

Jan 30, 03:30 AM

Deuce and Morgan start the show with Deuce bragging about doing two workouts in one day (2:00), Anthony Davis' trade demand, where he may be going and how they feel about players demanding trades (3:00), fans filing lawsuits because of the no-call against the Saints (17:20), how bizarre it is that we're hearing about Kyrie reuniting with LeBron (18:40), tampering in the NBA (24:40), the Kings after 50 games and why this six-game homestand is crucial (26:40), what impresses them about Boogie on the Warriors (33:10), Harden's stretch and if he's the clear favorite for MVP (36:20), they look at Super Bowl 53 and if the Pats are truly underdogs, the wild stats going into this game and what to expect from Gurley, Robey-Coleman talking smack about Brady (42:20), McVay and Belichick's texting relationship (52:00) and they close with the Deuce and Mo mailbag (55:40).