r/amitheasshole, celebrity colonoscopies, and u/dogboobes was the infamous Little Alice all along

Jan 30, 06:09 AM

Thank god our beloved u/dogboobes is back, and just in time to tell us that evidently, she is also an IMDB politics messageboard celebrity. Somehow for the entirety of this podcast, she's failed to mention that she was at one time, left-wing Internet royalty. So somewhere between learning that u/DogBoobes is basically Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and u/myfreeday briefly deciding that he's an anarchist, we enter the Officialish Reddit Judiciary system known as r/amitheasshole, where people debate on the inappropriate conduct of fellow Redditors who may or may not be an asshole. It's one of the many ways in which the Reddit community has created a virtual governing body that is far more efficient than pretty much any of America's IRL governing bodies. Buckle in guys, this episode is basically jury duty without the publicly funded lunch breaks. This episode brought to you by the human nipple, Jeff Sessions, and Capo Isetta Wines.