Destroyer + True Stories + Oscars 2019 Chat - Eclectica #191

Season 1, Episode 191,  Jan 30, 2019, 05:00 PM

Deep Purple's Oscar Beef

Burnt-out, scrappy-haired and squinting through an agonising hangover - but that's enough about Graham and Aidan as they've got to discuss Nicole Kidman's transformative turn in Karyn Kusama's grittier-than-thou cop thriller "Destroyer". Does it pack the same tooth-loosening impact as the butt of Kidman's gun?

After some discussion of the most superhero-packed set of Oscar nominations in history (primary competition for this title: none), it's time for Off the Shelf - which is a bit of a weirdo road-trip this week. First there's Graham, who finds plenty to sing about in Criterion's new Blu-Ray of David Byrne's "True Stories", and that's closely followed by Aidan who has set out his deckchair especially for Andrew Kotting's seaside travelogue "Gallivant". 

Hop aboard our cinematic campervan, why don't you?

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