How to Coach Girls vs. Boys and what is LTPD? - Rick Benson

Feb 04, 05:00 PM

Rick Benson is a well-known figure in the softball community. As Executive Director for Softball BC, Rick implements strategies as directed by the Softball BC Board of Directors, and he acts as a liaison with provincial and national sport bodies. In addition to being the Executive Director for Softball BC, Benson frequently volunteers his time to the sports world. From 2000 to 2008 he was a member of a volunteer committee to organize and oversee Canada Cup International Softball tournaments. In 2010, he was a volunteer for an organizing committee during the BC Summer Games.

As a coach for a recreational level fastpitch softball team, Benson illustrates his passion and loyalty to sport. He began coaching the team in 1997, and 21 years later he still coaches the same team as adults, of which 3 of the original players remain.

Rick Benson’s Other contributions include: Parks, Recreation and Sport Tourism Committee member and Outdoor Sport Advisory Committee for Surrey BC; Team Manager for Western Canada Summer Games, Team BC Softball; Association President, Cloverdale Minor Softball; and more.

Key Topic: How to Coach Girls vs. Boys

Table of Contents: 

0:35 – Intro  

3:10 – greatest youth sports memory 

4:20 – How did you get into softball?

6:34 – Dropout rates in softball

11:10 – Coaching boys vs. girls

15:40 – Softball BC Key Initiatives LTPDM (long term player development model) Matrix Model 

19:30 – Specialization 

21:35 – Issues facing youth sports today - E-gaming/technology - Early specialization

25:01 – LTPD softball “our best coaches should be the ones coaching the 8, 9, 10 year olds”

30:35 – Training softball coaches

32:40 – Working with Parents - Communication

36:30 – Goal Setting

40:50 – Flow/fast Pitch

43:40 – Top 3 characteristics of great coaches

49:57 – What can we do so the kids love the game more at the end of the season than they did at the beginning?  

53:17 – Resources