Pre-Blackburn Rovers RodCast From the Pub & Radio Studio

Feb 01, 06:00 AM

The Rodcast is back - the radio show podcast mash up. The Beesotted crew met at The White Hart, Great Suffolk Street in Southwark to shoot the breeze on the Pride of West London Podcast before heading to the LoveSport radio studio. 

On the agenda today

In the production meeting …

Lending your support to other teams. How far is it ‘acceptable’ for you to go

Gaining competitive advantage. Bielsa must have really wanted that information to have gone to those spying lengths. But what else have teams (and people) done to gain competitive advantage?

The Barnet FA Cup match. What a humdinger that was. Did Ollie Watkins dive? Did the Bees miss Mokotjo. 

We speak to Martin Allen about the Brentford and Barnet match-up

We look at the transfer window and resign ourselves to no additional activity for Brentford this winter

Plus we discuss the forthcoming Blackburn match with Eamonn The Rover

0m - Intro in The White Hart, Southwark. How far can one go in lending support to another team? What do teams do to gain competitive advantage?

37 m 13 sec - Move to the LoveSport studio. We discuss Barnet match

47 min 10 sec - Real Bees and fake Bees fans discuss Barnet match

54 m 37 sec - Martin Allen discusses Brentford v Barnet

1 hr 08 min 08 sec - Transfer deadline day discussion

1 hr 13 min 33 sec m - Interview with Blackburn Fan Eamonn The Rover

1 hr 24 min 42 sec - Beesotted crew back at The White Hart, Southwark. What would Bees fans do if the match is snowed off at the weekend?

1h 27 m 40 sec - END