#12 - Ayo - A protest vote to cherishing free movement

Feb 02, 03:35 AM

This week our new host, Chris (a #Remainernow himself) chats to Ayo from Romford. Ayo was actually the winner of Channel 4s Hunted a few years back, but he is not on the show to talk about that. He is on to talk about how he changed his mind on brexit.

Ayo voted leave on what he describes as insufficient information and mainly as a protest against David Cameron.  Working abroad in Holland a year or so ago helped changed his mind and he is now a very active #remainernow seeking a #peoplesvote. To listen to his journey.

Chris mentions our new fundraising push at the end of the show and if you want to help out, you can do so here. https://www.remainernow.com/donate