Boring Super Bowl, Kings Playoff Hunt and Raiders Playing in San Francisco

Feb 04, 04:36 AM

Deuce and Mo recap the Patriots win over the Rams in Super Bowl 53 (1:00), how tough it was watching this game (3:50), the Patriots defensive game plan and what's really going on with Gurley (5:40), Morgan says two commercials made her cry and Deuce doesn't think the commercials have the same impact anymore (15:20), Morgan and Deuce debate if Adam Levine has a nice body (18:56), Romo and Nantz' call of the game (22:50), they debate if the NBA is really better than the NFL (26:55), they look back at the Kings big win over the Sixers and Buddy's shooting ability (29:20), they talk about teams fouling 3-point shooters and how the NBA should look at it (34:00), tips for understanding NBA trade rumors (39:20), they discuss a report that says the Raiders will play at Oracle Park (42:00), they talk about the NBA All-Star teams and snubs (47:40).