Collateral Cinema Movie Podcast Ep 02 S1

Feb 04, 07:14 AM


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Collateral Cinema Movie Podcast Ep 02 S1


Host: Beau Maddox, Rob & Frankie


With the Dawn of A New Era In the Halloween Franchise Slowly Creeping Upon Us, Collateral Cinema Hosts Beau, Rob & Frankie Hearken Back to the Origin of Everyone's Favorite Masked Implacable Killer by Analysing & Discussing John Carpenter's 1978 Horror Breakthrough, "Halloween". We Discuss the Overall History of the Franchise; the Impact the $300,000 Budget had on the story; the Stellar Acting of Donald Pleasence & Jamie Lee Curtis; The Upcoming Reboot Helmed by Danny McBride and Carpenter Himself; and the Overall Cultural Impact This Movie Had on the Horror & Slasher Genres. Come for the Terror, Stay for the Discussion!


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