Feb 5th, Hour 2: Pete Yannopoulos, Get off My Lawn, LeBron is a bad GM, and more...

Feb 05, 2019, 04:23 PM

The second level of the show starts with Gabe and Corey chatting with Pete Yannopoulos about the fact that LeBron James may be a great player, but when it comes to recruiting guys to play with him, he is a terrible GM. During the Get Off My Lawn segment, Gabe says the Lakers, and the NBA, are showing too much weakness and hypocrisy when it comes to their top players demanding trades. Gabe and Corey argue if LaVar Ball has ruined Lonzo Ball's brand, with Corey saying the Ball family has their own brand, and Gabe thinking LaVar has lost millions of dollars for Lonzo. Gabe's biggest problem with the NBA is that he thinks the system is flawed, citing how only a dozen teams have won the NBA championship in the last three decades. 

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