Feb. 5th, Level 3: Hot takes with Maria Marino, Pelican trade pieces, and more...

Feb 05, 2019, 05:24 PM

The final 60 starts with Maria Marino joining the show to talk NBA and NFL. Gabe points out the difference in between PEDs in the NFL and MLB pointing out how Julian Edelman got suspended earlier this year for steroids and got to come back in the same year and win Super Bowl MVP, compared to the MLB where players could get suspended for the whole season even as first time offenders. Maria, Gabe, and Corey discuss championship parades and if the Patriots fans and players are getting bored of them after winning a championship in one of the major sports every year. Gabe is tired of people throwing around the Greatest Of All Time title or GOAT; he thinks that the term is used to loosely and put on players who don't deserve it. 

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