Burning + Velvet Buzzsaw + Berserk! - Eclectica #192

Feb 06, 2019, 05:00 PM

Bring Out the Two Men in the Elephant Costume!

Your "Burning" desire to hear a review of the new Lee Chang-Dong film can finally be satiated, as Rob, Graham and Tim take on the adaptation of a Haruki Murakami short story is our Film Of The Week. 

Capital O-Opinions will be had.

Tim kicks off our Off the Shelf section with a new Netflix release - Tony Gilroy's arts-world horror "Velvet Buzzsaw" - which is basically a Vincent Price movie with Jake Gyllenhaal. Is it better? Worse? The same, but in a different way? 

After that it's time for Graham to take on BFI's re-issue of "Rogue Male" (starring Peter O'Toole), and then it's time for Rob to spends some time at the circus with Indicator's vintage slice of Joan Crawfordsploitation - "Berserk". 

Burning Berserk Rogue Buzzsaw! We're pretty sure that's an early Wild Beasts song.

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