#20: Megan Bruneau - Living an imperfect life

Feb 07, 2019, 11:10 PM

Today on the pod, New York based therapist and coach Megan Bruneau shares her thoughts and experiences on perfectionism and its role in anxiety and depression and also how open a therapist should be about their own mental health difficulties. We also talk about the online world and Instagram and how Megan seeks to share a different message that life is messy and that's ok...running counter to the many people and companies who are using this space to sell idealised and impossible things (find your perfect relationship - lose the weight for good!).  Megan wants us to become critical consumers of online content.  We discuss compassion based therapies such as Compassionate Mind Therapy and how these can help us in our relationship with ourselves and our emotions. Finally I also sneak in a few questions about how Megan developed her business.  We covered a lot of ground today and I hope you enjoy the interview.  


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