How to Make Time for Your Side Hustle: Personal Projects Edition

Apr 02, 2015, 05:00 AM
Calling all weekend warriors! It can be tough to make time for your side hustle, like starting a new business or pursuing ambitious fitness endeavors. When compared to the rest of your grand life goals, side personal projects can easily be pushed aside and left for dead.

Two days ago my wife Tessa and I closed on our first house! I took that picture above an hour after closing and I spent the next hour running through the halls of Home Depot imagining all of the amazing projects we were about to start.

Between this blog, my podcast, my other new podcast, coaching, product development, and writing my new book I have been able to squeeze in just enough time for negotiating real estate contracts and family meetings to bring this house project to life.

With a busy life it's not always obvious how you can pull this off, but the answers are always there. Sometimes you just have to dig a little.