Star Trek: Discovery - Season 2 Episode 3 - "Point of Light" - Recap and Review

Feb 07, 04:00 PM

'Point of Light'

What to say about this episode...the Two Dads have some thoughts. Did you think it was a little clunky? Did it feel like it was one of those "in between" episodes that is just decent enough to carry us all to the next major plot revelation?

The Two Dads have some thoughts about this. There were a lot of reveals in this episode that were awesome, some great cannon additions, along with some easter eggs (we are looking at you, House of Mogh!). Join the Dads as they break this episode down and prepare you for what we hope is a spectacular 4th episode. Plus we may squeeze in a few dad jokes.

As always thanks for the listen and we apologize up front for Corey's creepy opening.