#2: "Born Beautiful", "Sakaling Maging Tayo", "Alpha: The Right To Kill"

Feb 07, 04:04 PM

On this episode of the Pervision Podcast, Armand shares how one of his favorite Filipino movies might have been ruined forever.

Geoff and Armand talk about Perci Intalan's "Born Beautiful", JP Habac's "Sakaling Maging Tayo", and Brillante Mendoza's "Alpha: The Right to Kill". Armand also reveals how Mendoza ruined his favorite film for him.


00:01:55 - "Born Beautiful"
00:14:16 - "Sakaling Maging Tayo"
00:23:20 - "Alpha: The Right to Kill"
00:39:10 - This week's music recommendation


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Random takeaway: It's hard to edit podcast episodes -_-

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"Anino" by Up Dharma Down