Deuce and Mo's Incredible NBA Trade Deadline Recap

Feb 08, 04:12 AM

Deuce and Mo dedicate this episode to look back at one of the craziest NBA trade deadlines in league history (2:10), the Kings pushing for a playoff spot (3:30), what they like about Harrison Barnes and how he fits in with the Kings style (4:05), the report that says Corey Brewer may land with Sacramento (7:19), what Shumpert provided with young guys and how they'll handle the trades (10:00), Dirk loves Barnes (15:00), the Kings landing Alec Burks and what he can bring (18:25), the Skal-Swanigan trade (23:55), the fight for the 8th spot between the Lakers and Kings (26:30), the Pelicans hang on to Anthony Davis and what type of damage was done to the Lakers with the public trade talks (29:00), why the Lakers front office doesn't get more criticism (38:20), they discuss other notable trades including Gasol to Toronto (40:30), the Sixers stay busy, trade Fultz and if Fultz is worth the gamble (43:40), the Bucks add Mirotic and that's not fair (49:00), Otto Porter lands in Chicago (51:20) and Nik Stauskas getting traded three times this week (53:40).